Santurtzi-Kabiezes section of Line II of Bilbao Metropolitan railway
Project Management:
Execution period:
Gobierno Vasco
37,367,177.57 €  
ETS Euskal Trenbide Sarea
April 2009 - September 2011
Santurce, Vizcaya


The section which the Project concerns begins at KP (kilometre point) 0+325 of the route, from the end of the section "Project to Construct Line 2 of the Bilbao Metropolitan Railway, Portugalete-Santurtzi section". The route is 2,017 metres long in all, ending at the exit from the line tunnel to the surface in the civinity of Kabiezes Landfill Site. It is a drilled tunnel for straight and curved double track, with an approximate excavation cross-section of 62 m2.

The most significant points of the track laid, which feature special kinds of work and elements characteristic of the section, are as follows:

  • AT KP 1+116 of the line tunnel is located the emergency exit, which exits to the surface on the side of Vaguada de Bullón Hill.
  • At KP 1+135.490 of the line tunnel is the ventilator chamber, which is the starting-point of the Bullón emergency ventilation duct.
  • Between KP 1+609.41 and KP 1+717.46 is situated the Kabiezes station cavern, associated with which are the access vents that emerge onto Lauaxeta Street and Antonio Alzaga Avenue; the shaft of the latter vent has a lift for the disabled. The excavation cross-section measures 154 m2.
  • At KP 1+732.70, is located the ventilation chamber of the Under-Platform Extraction system.
  • At KP 1+767.614 is located the second ventilation gallery of Kabiezes station.

It is planned to execute all the excavation with a heavy-duty selective heading machine, drilling the rock in several phases. The primary support method will depend on the rock type. Later, the final lining will be executed, in reinforced concrete. The line tunnel ends at KP 2+360, where the line emerges onto the surface, finishing barely 40 metres after the project section.

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