Tram track project Etxebarri Basauri of line 2 of the FMB
Project management:
Execution period:
3,361,271.31 €
Juan Manuel Bodegas / CTB
August 2010 - May 2011
Etxebarri (Vizcaya)


This track works project of the Etxebarri-Basauri stretch covers the following activities:

-Consists in the assembly of two tracks to communicate the Etxebarri, Basauri and Arizstations stations. For this the inverted arch is concreted in a first phase which includes the central drainage tube. Later the laying out is done of one of the tracks and the rail is set out so that it can then be welded in 72 metre bars. Afterwards and after the entire rail is set out, the sleepers are distributed. At the end of the distribution, the rail is placed on the sleepers and is welded in a long bar, the sides are shuttered and levelled and aligned, and then concreted with a lorry.
In the second phase, the same work order is followed but is concreted using a locomotive and a cement mixer, which travels along the track already concreted in Phase 1.

-At the end of the Ariz station and as it is the end of the line, a track device is installed called a “Double Diagonal” or “Bretelle”. This track device is assembled and afterwards is concreted in one phase due to the impossibility of doing it in two Phases as the track was previous done.
-In order to maintain the station the braces are cut which link the “Stedef type Boblock” sleepers without decreasing the resistance capacity as they are concreted in a straight stretch and without banking, i.e. with hardly no lateral forces.
-The F.M.B. fire protection system is made up of a dry stainless steel column which is installed throughout the tunnel.
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