Unstaffed Station in Amurrio
Project management:
Execution period:
Amurrio Council
2,051,023.78 €
Jorge Onaindia / ETS
November 2007 - October 2008
Amurrio (Alava)


The platform, shelters, access structures, communication corridors between both platforms, as well as providing the lighting and services.
The affected railway line is the Bilbao-Orduña line, with the works taking place at kilometric point 216+800.

Constructive Methods
-Affected Services
The works started with moving the ADIF communication services which were performed from the field situated next to the left platform.
It was also necessary to move the municipal supply network and small parts of the drainage and sewerage network as well as Euskaltel’s network.

All of the works performed less that 3 m. from the track are supervised by Pilot authorised by ADIF.

At the same time, if said works require the use of machinery, the voltage has to be cut and the trains stopped, which means having to work at night.

The excavation of the bases of the platforms is done during the night, concreting the base during the day and between the times when the trains pass.
The walls of the platforms are prepared on site in 2.40 m. modules to be placed in their definitive place with the help of a backhoe excavator during the night.

Once the prefabricated walls are placed the concrete slab is made.
-Other concrete structures
The other reinforced concrete works are prepared on site (walls, forged shelters, pillars, cantilever floors).
-Mixed Parallel
The metallic structure was unloaded close to the works so that the board could be concreted before being placed in its position.
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