Refurbishment of buildings in Bilbao - Concordia narrow - gauge railway station
Project management:
Execution period:
1.840.690 €  
Agustín de la Brena - IMB Arquitectos
March 2010 - April 2011
Bilbao, Vizcaya


The project concerns the refurbishment of the buildings of State narrow-gauge railway operator FEVE, which are listed with full protection as part of the collection of monuments within Bilbao's historical centre.

The plans are for full interior refurbishment, with demolition and partical removal of floors and the staircase nucleus along with the replacement of both roofs with new ones with formal features identical to the existing ones.

The staircase is being replaced by one of a new design, and a lift is being installed in the building.

In the adjoining building, the ground floor is to be used exclusively as a Command Post for controlling the railway lines, and the first floor is to be refurbished on an open-plan design for the same function as it serves at present, so as to provide greater flexibility and suitability for the work done there.

On the lower ground floor will be located the general building services room, for air conditioning and ventilation as well as the electrical gear.

The Command Post room is composed of 5 workstations, each comprising a desk complemented by 6 individual monitors for supervision, along with a front panel with 2 rows of 7 overhead projectors each.

The main building is to be used as offices for railway line operators, along with a reception area serving passengers, a resting area and toilets.

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