Katowice Tram
Project management:
Execution period:
Katowice City Council
5,437,403.13 €
Apia XXI, Redan, Eco One, Biprokom- Krakow S.A
January 2012 - January 2013
Katowice (Poland)


Renewal of the tramline in the centre of the city of Katowice, for which half of the original stretch was maintained, modifying the rest according to the city’s urban planning and aesthetic requirements in the following stages.

From the stretch which is maintained, part runs between road traffic where it is given a green road coating to provide a more pleasant finish for a very industrial city, and the other part runs under the current railway line of the PKP public company, which is finished with asphalt given that it runs beside the road traffic roads.

In order to modify the stretch of the line which runs through the heart of the city, all of the services have had to be reorganised and a bridge over the Rawa river has had to be built with piles, and the finishing of the line surface is done with different types of granite, both in colours and sizes and as regards the floor position, as well as an area finished with Clinker bricks which all together gives a colourful and design touch.

The renovation of this first stage of the line which runs through the centre of the city marks the start of the urban planning and modernisation renovation of the tram line in the Silesia financial centre.

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