Platform construction project in the new railway network in the Basque Country in the west sector of the Guipuzcoa branch line
Project management:
Execution period:
107,000,000 €
Prointec - Asmatu
June 2010 - May 2013
Bergara (Guipúzcoa)


This is the construction of the Bergara-Antzuola stretch of the new railway network in the Basque Country. The stretch entirely runs through the province of Guipuzcoa, specifically the municipal areas of Bergara and Antzuola. Due to the land relief, almost the entire stretch is through a tunnel, from kilometric point 0+011 to kilometric point 3+717, 3,706 m. long (Kortatxo-Sakon tunnel), a 154 m. long viaduct over the Antzina river, a 157.50 m. false tunnel between kilometric point 3+931.50 and 4+089.00, followed by a 129 metre trench stretch. At the Bergara mouth is the exit of the emergency corridor which runs parallel to the tunnel for 2,750.40 metres and for the last 460 metres diverts from being parallel and ends at a 529 m2. platform next to the helicopter landing area (41 x 41 metres) situated at this point. The transversal area of the platform designed in the stretch allows for two international width tracks (1,435 mm.) with a 4,70 gear centre distance and a width of 3.932 m. between the external track and the outer border of the track on ballast.
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