Hotel Alua Soul Mallorca
Work Management:
Execution period:
Mar Hispaina
€ 747.719,60
Rafael Mateu y Jaime Oliver de Gestec Balear
March 2017 - April 2017
Cala d´OR, (Satanyí, Mallorca)


The work consisted of the general refurbishment of the joint development of two hotels. With two distinct phases for demolition and execution of new buildings.

The first phase consisted of the complete demolition of the old snack bar, ground floor building of approximately 150 m2, and a stage. The demolition phase was completed with the work to prepare the ground for the future pavement.

The second phase consisted of the construction of four separate buildings. A building used to as kitchen-bar of 100m2, two changing rooms of 40m2 and a building for engine room of 45m2. A "splash" swimming pool was prepared of 105 m2 and 30 cm deep.

And to conclude the refurbishment, all in the area of the urban development of 1700 m2 a new pavement was prepared with stamped concrete.

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